How to Mark a Key Fob Lost

This article outlines how to mark key fobs as lost for both staff members and residents to help keep your community more secure

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When to Mark a Fob as Lost

Nobody likes losing things, especially when it comes to securing your community. A staff member should only mark a key fob as lost if it has been reported as missing or can otherwise not be accounted for.

If you simply wish to unassign a key fob from a user, please follow the instructions provided in our article on that topic.

Log into the Homebase Web Manager

  • Click on the ‘People’ page on the left-hand side of the screen and search for the staff member or resident the lost key fob is assigned to.

  • Click on the staff member or resident's name to bring up their profile.

  • Next, look under the key fob section to see a list of key fobs assigned to this individual.

  • Next, click on the 3 dots to the right of the key fob number and select 'mark as lost.' This dissociates the key fob from this person and moves it to a "lost" folder in Homebase.

    If A Key Fob is Found

  • Navigate back to the "lost" key fob folder in Homebase under the key fob section.

  • Next, click on the 3 dots to the right of the key fob number and select 'mark as found.' This moves the previously lost key fob back into the "available" column where it can be reassigned to an active user in Homebase.

Please Note

  • Any lost key fob will still work on any Bluetooth locks until all locks the key was assigned to have been updated using the Homebase App.

  • Your team will need to Update Locks (also called Update Key Access) or Perform Lock Maintenance on all locks that this key fob previously had access to. It's great practice to build regular lock updates into your maintenance schedule to ensure your smart community remains updated and secure at all times.

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