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How to Perform Lock Maintenance
How to Perform Lock Maintenance

This article explains how to perform lock maintenance

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Performing lock maintenance is an important troubleshooting step, especially when adding or removing key fobs from a lock. If your community uses key fobs, it's good practice to perform lock maintenance at least once every 2-3 months.

Please Note: Before performing lock maintenance, you must have Bluetooth turned on, and be within Bluetooth range of the lock you need to update (within 30 feet).

To perform lock maintenance, open your Homebase app and tap into the unit you need to update. Scroll down to Lock Support, and tap to the next screen.

Next, tap Perform lock maintenance. πŸ”’πŸ”¨

The next page confirms that your lock is connected to your Homebase app, and will give you the status of the lock while the maintenance update is being completed.

Please Note: Performing lock maintenance times may vary, depending on a variety of factors, including last update time, age of the lock, app version, etc. Normally, performing lock maintenance takes between 30-90 seconds.

When lock maintenance has finished, you will see a success message, confirming the update is complete.

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