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Basic Wifi Troubleshooting
Basic Wifi Troubleshooting

This article explains what to do if your WiFi isn't working correctly.

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Please note: If you cannot see your WiFi network, first confirm your payment method is up-to-date and all balances are paid in full. Homebase does not manage anything related to payments or own the WiFi network but rather acts as a portal to connect residents to property management.

If you are a new resident who has never connected to your unit's WiFi, please follow the steps in the Homebase Resident App for signing up for a WiFi plan and setting up a payment method which is outlined here.

If your account balance is current, and you don't believe service disruption is related to non-payment, please reach out to Homebase support via the live chat in your app, or via email at

(Note: In some communities, it may take up to 24 hours to have WiFi service restored after making a payment)

Time to turn it off and turn it on again:

If your WiFi issue is not related to account delinquency, please follow these steps to troubleshoot your WiFi service: 

  1. Disconnect and reconnect the device(s) experiencing issues.

  2. Please go to the website

  3. Ensure your location is correctly set within the speed test site, by selecting "Change Server"

  4. Run a speed test on the site.

  5. Last step: Please confirm your password has been entered correctly by tapping the WiFi icon in your Homebase app (on the upper-righthand corner of your screen). You can view your network name and password from this screen.

Here you can view your network and password information. Select Show to view the password. You can also copy the password to paste into your WiFi settings.

Contact Homebase Support via your Homebase app or via if you continue to have issues.

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