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How to Lock & Unlock Your Door with Homebase
How to Lock & Unlock Your Door with Homebase

Learn how to use your lock with the Homebase App and/or a key fob

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Where's My Key?

With Homebase, you can unlock your unit smart lock (and any other smart locks you've been granted access to) using the Homebase App. Some communities also provide backup key fobs to their residents and staff.

Confirm You've Been Granted Access

First and foremost, we need to make sure your property manager has added your correct email in Homebase to create your user.

If you haven't received an email or text invitation to download the Homebase App on the specified date & time of your move-in, please reach out to your property manager to confirm that you've been granted access and the correct email address is on file. You will not be able to use the Homebase App or gain access to any smart locks in your community until this happens.

Download The App & Sign In

Google Play Store (Andriod) App Store (iOS)

Download the Homebase Resident App (linked above) and enter your email address. This will be your username.

If you're not sure which email your property manager entered on your behalf, please reach out to their team to confirm.

Next, create a strong password following the prompts in the app and sign in. You may be asked to verify your email address, as well.

Unlocking Your Homebase Unit

  1. Confirm Bluetooth is turned on on your smartphone. Stand within Bluetooth range of your lock. This is usually within 30 feet.

  2. Opening your app, select the lock name you wish to unlock.

  3. Tap the blue key icon associated with the lock you wish to unlock. This will begin the process of engaging the lock.

  4. Wait a few seconds and the app will tell you when to turn the deadbolt on your lock. You will also hear a clicking and beeping sound from the lock confirming it has been engaged.

  5. Turn the deadbolt to unlock and open your door.

    Note: The lock will never lock or unlock itself. You will always need to physically turn the deadbolt. Your phone only engages with the lock and allows for the door to be physically locked or unlocked from the outside.

  6. To lock or unlock your door while inside your unit, just turn the deadbolt. You do not need your phone or key fob to lock or unlock inside your unit.

  7. When you leave your apartment, don't forget to once again engage your lock with your phone and manually turn the deadbolt to lock your unit.

Have any questions? Please reach out, we're here and happy to help!

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