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Getting started

To get set up to do maintenance on Homebase integrated devices in your community, you will need a few mobile apps handy.

The Homebase Mobile Manager app:

The Homebase Mobile Manager app is used by staff to navigate the community and maintain locks with functions like "Updating Key Access" and "Performing Lock Maintenance." This is our software.
🍎 iOS: Homebase Mobile Manager App πŸ€– Android: Homebase Mobile Manager

The Engage Mobile app:

The Engage app is used to "Factory Default Reset" a lock, check firmware updates, and onboard locks in the Homebase system. This is the Schlage lock's software.

Depending on your community's setup:

The Honeywell/Resideo app:

The Honeywell/Resideo app is used to onboard thermostats in the Homebase system if they go offline. This is your smart thermostats' software.

The MyLeviton app:

The MyLeviton app is used to onboard light switches in the Homebase system in they go offline. This is your light switches' software.

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