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How to Assign and Identify Key Fobs with a Key Scanner
How to Assign and Identify Key Fobs with a Key Scanner

Getting your unmarked or available fobs back in rotation is easier than you think.

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To provide additional efficiencies in key fob management & assignment, you can now use your key fob scanner to assign and identify key fobs in Homebase Manger. Here's information on how to get started:

Install and set-up the necessary application

  • Make sure you received your scanner from the Homebase Implementation Team.

  • Download the Engage desktop application here: for MAC or for PC.

  • Plug the scanner into your computer's USB port.

Assigning a key fob with the key scanner

  • You can start assigning key fobs from the ‘New’ button at the top of the left-hand navigation or from the 'Actions' dropdown on the 'Fobs & Credentials' tab .

  • Once in the Assign a key fob form, continue with your key scanner by tapping the 'Scan to assign' option.

  • Make sure the scanner is plugged into your computer's USB port and the Engage desktop application is open.

  • Tapping 'Scan to assign' will open the 'Scan fob to identify' modal. Select your community, and click 'Start scan' to continue. Then hold your key fob on your scanner for it to begin identification.

  • When your key fob has been identified (*and status is available), you'll see the option to click 'Assign key fob'.

  • Your key fob will successfully appear in the key fob number field for assignment. Additionally, make sure your activation method is set to 'key scanner'. Click 'Assign' in the bottom right corner to proceed with key fob assignment using your key scanner.

  • Since you're activating with your key scanner, you'll finish activation by scanning your key fob one last time. Hold the key to the scanner until you hear 3 beeps and see 3 green flashing lights. It will take a few seconds. Click 'scan complete' to successfully assign your key fob and return to the key fob list view.

    Note: The Engage app must be open in addition to having your key scanner device connected via USB.

Identifying a key fob with the key scanner

  • Navigate to the ‘Fobs & Credentials’ tab on your left-hand navigation menu.

  • From here, select the ‘Actions’ button on the main key fobs list view.

  • Select the ‘Identify key fob’ option.

  • Click the dropdown to select your community, and tap 'Start scan'. Then hold your key fob on your scanner for it to begin identification.

    • Note: The key scanner should beep to denote a successful reading.

  • With a successful scan, you will see the key fob information screen appear showing details about your scanned key fob.

  • Depending on the current state of the fob, from here you can assign, unassign, mark a lost fob as found, or view additional key fob information.

  • Selecting ‘scan again’ will return you to the original pop-up to scan an additional fob for identification.

Have questions? Reach out to us through your Homebase app or at We are always happy to help.

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