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How to Change Batteries on your Lock
How to Change Batteries on your Lock
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NOTE: If a lock is not responsive and you are locked out. You can jump the batteries with a 9V battery in order to engage the lock one time and gain entry. Please see the instructions here:

  1. With a 9V Battery, place the battery leads to the metal conductors on the front face of the lock just below the lever.

  2. The lock will then "jump start" with this surge of power, then present a previously working fob to the lock.

  3. The lock will beep and flash green like normal operation

  4. Then you will be able to unlock the lock like normal

  5. Proceed to Change batteries once inside.

Changing the Batteries

You will need:

  • A Phillips head Screwdriver

  • 4 AA Alkaline Batteries

DO NOT use rechargeable or Lithium batteries 🪫

Step By Step Instruction:

  1. Begin by removing the backplate with your Screwdriver and removing the top and bottom screws. (2 in total)

  2. Then remove the old batteries.

  3. Replace with the new batteries.

  4. Allow the lock to power on. Do not touch the lock during this step.

  5. Reattach the backplate to the lock and put both screws back in place.

  6. Perform an Update Key Access on this lock See Video Below.

    YOU DID IT! 🔥 Great work!

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