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How to Use a Visitor Access Key
How to Use a Visitor Access Key

Learn how to use your Shared Key to access a community.

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Welcome to Homebase! If you've made it to this article, it's probably because you've been invited to access a Homebase community.

Wondering what a visitor access key is? It's a temporary digital key sent to your phone by a building owner or manager, granting access to all doors you've been granted access to using only your phone. Once the key expires, it automatically disappears from your phone.

This may be a new process for you, but don't worry: it's very simple. If you are on an iOS device, you won't even need to download an app.

Read on to learn how to get started with your Visitor Access Key.

  • Lookout for an email, text, or 6 digit Visitor Access code from a property staff member or resident.

  • Received an email? If you’re viewing on mobile, to redeem, simply launch the Homebase Visitor App (no account required for iOS!) from the link provided in the email you receive.

  • After you enter the 6-digit code, you will be automatically logged in.

  • You’ll see a pop-up outlining the access times and usage for your Visitor Access. Enter your name to get started.

  • After you input your name, you will see a list of all the doors you have access to. Tap the key icon when you are in Bluetooth range of a listed door to engage the lock and gain access.

  • You can 'Exit' and re-enter your code at any time during your access duration, and your access will automatically expire on your Visitor Access Key’s end date.

NOTE: Visitor access keys can be requested through property management.

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