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How to Create and Manage Visitor Access
How to Create and Manage Visitor Access

Learn how to use Homebase Visitor Management to improve security and efficiency in your community.

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Managing visitor and vendor access is a chronic challenge in multifamily communities.

Homebase Visitor Management makes it easy by putting an intercom in every pocket. Here's how you can start using this tool to improve your efficiency and security.

  • From the left-hand navigation, select ‘Visitor Access’ in the menu.

  • Click the ‘Create New’ button just above the right-hand side of the Visitor Access list view.

  • Fill out the visitor's name, how you want their key icon to appear, the type of access, and your desired start and end times.

  • Click ‘Next’ to configure doors your visitor will have access to.

  • Enable individual doors by toggling on access or using the presets at the top of the page to enable access to multiple doors simultaneously.

    • Note: You can allow access to multiple communities within your portfolio by selecting them within the community drop-down and configuring access for each. You’ll see your total number of doors and communities reflected at the bottom of your screen.

  • Click ‘Create Key’ once you are finished configuring access.

  • You have created a Visitor Access Key. Now, you can share the code with the desired recipient.

  • Click ‘Share Access’ in the success pop-up. Alternatively, click 'Actions' on the visitor access detail screen to open the drop-down then select 'Email access' to share the code via email.

    • Note: You can also copy the access code manually and send it via text. Customize your process based on your current communication plan with residents & visitors.

  • To share access via email, enter the recipient's email address, and add a note. You will see a preview of the email template. Click ‘Share’ to send the email to your recipient.

  • To view a list of all of the Visitor Access Keys you have created, return to the ‘Visitor Access’ main menu.

  • Here you can navigate between the tabs at the top of the page to view all active and archived Visitor Access Keys. You can also see a log of all Visitor Access events by clicking on 'Activity.'

  • Search for any of the Visitor Access Keys you have created in the search bar, or filter by community, key icon, type, or status.

  • Easily view the status of your Visitor Access Keys from the main list view. You can also perform actions, like sharing a Visitor Access Key, by clicking the three-dot icon on the far right side of the page and selecting an action from the drop-down.

  • Need to end a Visitor Access Key? Either click the three-dot icon on the main list view and select ‘Deactivate access’, or select ’Deactivate access’ from the 'Actions' drop-down in the Visitor Access details view.

    • Note: Deactivating access will immediately revoke all access associated with the key.

  • More Visitor Access features are on the way. Soon you will be able to:

    • Edit Visitor Access after a code has been created.

    • View the history of who a code has been sent to via email.

    • Quickly select a group of doors (for example, master access, all units, occupied and unoccupied units, or restricted and unrestricted spaces)

    • Create repeating schedules for codes (for example, a code that only works during business hours)

    • Allow residents to create and manage Visitor Access codes for their own guests.

  • Questions? Reach out to us in your app or at We're always happy to help.

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