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How to Add a Staff Member in Homebase
How to Add a Staff Member in Homebase
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Please Note: When adding a staff member to your team, it's important to know there are two options when assigning user permissions.

  1. Full permission user- Access will be granted to all doors and devices in your community, and the staff member will also have access to both the Web Manager as well as the Mobile Manager. This is recommended for property managers.

  2. Mobile access only- Access will be granted to all doors and devices in your community, and the staff member will only have access to the Mobile Manager. This will help if you do not wish to provide universal access to a staff member in your community. Please check out our article on How to Change a User's Access in Homebase Manager.

How to Create a Staff Member in Homebase Manager

Step One: Click the “New” icon at the top of the left main menu, then select “Add staff member”. Alternatively, you can also do this in the Staff tab, and select “Add staff member” at the top right.

Step Two: Input information. Input their email address, name, and phone number to save them into the Homebase system. Note: If their email address has already been used, they will not be able to be added again.

You can also choose whether they should have full access to the Homebase Web Manager to create stays, configure access, and edit payments — or select “Mobile access only” if you only want this person to have Mobile Manager access to doors throughout the community.

Step Three: Choose communities and configure access. Select “add” for each community you’d like your staff member to gain access to. Once you choose your first community, they will be officially added to the Homebase system.

Step Four: After you’ve added them to a community, this will open an option for access configuration for this staff member. They will start with all access off and you can use the quick select toggles at the top to mass select full access, all units, all restricted spaces, or all unrestricted spaces. You can always configure rooms one at a time using the list below.

Step Five: Configure Notifications. After you’ve added communities and configured access, you have the opportunity to configure notifications for alerts and activities. Some staff members don’t need every notification that Homebase provides.

Congratulations! You’ve now added a staff member to your Homebase communities. They will get an email invitation to set their password and download the Mobile Manager.

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