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How to Update Firmware for Schlage Smart Locks
How to Update Firmware for Schlage Smart Locks

Updating firmware for Schlage Smart Locks at your property

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Update Firmware

This process will take about 10-15 minutes.

Depending on the lock, you may need to update firmware with the Engage app or you may complete the update with the Homebase app, directions below.

Watch this video to learn how to update firmware with the Engage app

How to update firmware with the Homebase app

Open the Homebase Mobile Manager App and tap the door/lock you will be updating. Tap the "Update device" button, then tap the "Firmware updates" button. This screen will indicate whether or not a firmware update is required.

Tap the "Update firmware" button if available. This will begin the firmware update process.

NDE Locks

If you are connecting to an NDE lock, you will first be prompted to connect to WiFi. Select the appropriate WiFi network and continue.

Connecting and updating

From there, the app will work through the steps to update the firmware: preparing to connect, searching for device, downloading firmware, and updating.

When the update is complete, tap the "Done" button to return to the firmware screen.

If you encounter an error in the process, first retry to update the firmware before reaching out to Homebase Support.

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