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How to Set up Monthly Autopay for Residents
How to Set up Monthly Autopay for Residents

This article explains how to set-up autopay for WiFi or other charges in your community

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If your community charges for WiFi or other services, you will need to set up a payment method through Homebase before setting up autopay.

If you've already connected and set up a payment method in your Homebase Resident App, then you can navigate to the More tab within your Homebase Resident app (the icon with three dots within a circle).

Next, scroll down and tap Payment Balance. You have to select “Full balance” vs setting date/amount.

Autopay full amount:

  • We recommend this option for the best user experience!

  • Please check in your mobile app to see when your late-fees would be charged IF your property uses them.

Autopay setting date/amount:

Tap the Edit button within this banner. This opens a page where you can select Get Started.

Next, follow the prompts provided, filling in all required autopay information including date of payment, payment amount, and payment method.

Lastly, be sure to Save your progress before leaving the page.

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