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How to Add a Payment Method in the Homebase Resident App
How to Add a Payment Method in the Homebase Resident App

This article explains how to set up your bank or credit card so you can make payments.

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Please Note:

  • Residents can only make payments through the Homebase Resident App.
    Google Play Store Link | Apple App Store Link

  • Connecting a bank account may take up to two business days to verify.

Step 1:

Tap the "More" tab (the tab with 3 dots on the bottom of your Homebase Resident App). Then, select "Payment Methods."

Step 2:

Tap "Add New Payment Method"

Step 3:

Tap to either add your bank info or credit card info.

Step 4:

Add either your bank info or your credit card info. Follow the instructions below.

If You Are Connecting Your Bank Account...

There are two methods to link a bank account. Link Bank is the recommended method.

Option A: Search for your bank

Bank accounts with certain banks can be linked via a Single Sign-On process. Select Search for your bank, find your bank, and tap Login.

This will instantly verify your bank account and let you transact.

If your bank does not appear in the list of preferred banks, proceed to Option B and add your bank account manually.

Option B: Add bank account manually

Bank accounts not supported for linking can be entered manually. Select Add bank account manually which will lead you to add your account number and routing number and tap "Add Account."

IMPORTANT: When adding a bank account manually, you will need to verify your bank account. This is done through micro-deposits made to your bank account. We will send two deposits to your account of less than $0.10 each. This process can take up to two business days

Once the micro-deposits have been transferred to your account, you will receive an email from Homebase notifying you that your bank account is ready to be verified. 

You will open your bank account to view the micro-deposits from HomBase, LLC. Make note of these values as you will need them to verify your bank account.

Open the Homebase app, navigate to the funding source that needs to be verified, and input the two micro-deposit amounts that you retrieved from your bank account. Once you have entered these, your bank account will be verified and you will be able to use it on the Homebase platform.

Step 4 (continued...)

If You Are Connecting Your Credit Card...

To use a Visa, MasterCard, American Express, JCB, Discover, or Diners Club card select Add Card. 

Type in your email address, credit card number, card expiration date, and CVC. Then, tap Done.

As a note, Homebase has multiple autopay features:

  • Autopay will charge a specific amount on a specific day (regardless of any credits on your account).

  • “Autopay Full Amount” will only charge the remaining balance due on the date you set.

  • Please check with your property management team as they may have late payments enabled (this is visible in your app);

    • If this is the case, you will want to make sure if you’re paying later in the month at a set amount, you’re capable of being disconnected for nonpayment of late fees (even with autopay set up)


You've successfully added a payment method to Homebase! Let us know if you have any questions, we're here and happy to help!

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