Homebase installs the following Schlage Smart Lock Models:
Schlage BE 467
Schlage FE410
Schlage NDE
Schlage CTE

Homebase recommends changing the batteries annually.

Battery levels can be checked by using the Mobile Manager to sync the lock. 

You must stand within 10 feet of the lock to sync it. 

Open the Mobile Manager and navigate to the Access tab in the lower right. 

Select the lock you need to sync from the list. If you are near multiple locks, they will show up in the list so it's important to select the correct lock. The lock will blink red when you are connected to it. 

Scroll down and select Sync Fob Access 

You will see the status beneath the Engage button on the lock screen. 

If the Schlage button on the lock blinks red even when no buttons have been pressed the battery is critically low and MUST be replaced.

Replacement instructions can be found in the following user guides.

BE and FE Model User Guide

NDE User Guide found on page 7

When replacing the cover plate after changing batteries it is important that the screws are not overtightened. This can bend the back plate causing the battery connections to be warped and the batteries to drain very quickly.

Schlage recommends using a premium alkaline battery for all electronic locks. Lithium, rechargeable and older battery technologies may cause undesirable operation. 

All Schlage smart and electronic locks are equipped with low battery warnings. When presented with this warning, it is best to replace your batteries immediately to ensure continued, reliable operation. When replacing the batteries, it is best to use new and unused alkaline batteries.

NOTE: If a lock is not working you can jump the batteries with a 9V battery in order to engage the lock one time and gain entry. Please see instructions here:


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