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How to Connect AppFolio to Homebase
How to Connect AppFolio to Homebase

This article is a brief overview of the AppFolio integration & steps required to connect your AppFolio account to Homebase

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About this integration

Homebase has partnered with AppFolio to make managing stays and residents seamless between platforms, saving your team time and money. After connecting the integration, you'll be able to sync data from AppFolio to Homebase to automatically create stays, invite residents to Homebase, and end stays based on AppFolio leases.

To set up AppFolio + Homebase:

  1. First, make sure your AppFolio plan supports "AppFolio Stack™ Premium Integrations." This is an upgraded plan.

  2. In the AppFolio Stack Integration list, request Homebase as an integration. This will send an integration request to Homebase.

  3. Once we receive the request, Homebase will reach out to start the connection process. Our customer success team will do this for you, and we'll keep you informed along the way. It's a quick process.

  4. After your AppFolio account is connected to Homebase, we will link units between the platforms and finalize the integration.

  5. Once your team gives Homebase the green light, we will set the integration live.

After the integration goes live:

  1. After finalized, any current AppFolio leases will automatically create Homebase stays.

  2. Resident names, emails, and phone numbers will be synced between platforms.

  3. Moving forward, any leases created or ended in AppFolio will automatically create or end stays in Homebase. Homebase syncs with AppFolio every 10 minutes.

  4. Homebase can not send information back to AppFolio, so creating and ending leases must be done in AppFolio. You can still edit access and payments in Homebase.

The only thing you will need to do in Homebase is assign key fobs. Key fobs are automatically removed when stays end. If you choose to use mobile-only access, the process is even smoother.

Why is a resident missing in Homebase?

Occasionally, residents might not be automatically added to Homebase for a few reasons:

  • Check the missing resident's occupancy status in AppFolio. If the resident is a dependent or minor in AppFolio, they will not be added to Homebase due to potential age restrictions.

  • The unit might not be linked correctly. To check this, navigate to the Automations tab in the main menu > Click on your AppFolio automation > Under "Connected Unit, verify that the AppFolio unit is accurately linked to the Homebase room.

  • Check the automation status. If the automation is paused, you may need to resume it to continue syncing leases in AppFolio to Homebase.

  • If none of the above fixes the issue, feel free to reach out to Homebase Customer Success for further help.

To set your existing property up with Appfolio, please reach out to the Customer Success team on our platform or by emailing to get started!

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