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How to Create and Manage Shared Keys
How to Create and Manage Shared Keys
Letting in friends, family, and DoorDash just got easier.
Written by Lindsey Riley
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You have friends, you sometimes order delivery, and your dog is cheating on you with your dog walker. We get it. Your life is busy, and we're committed to doing our part to make it easier.

Shared Keys allow you to send access to your building and/or your unit with just a tap.

Read on to learn how you can get started.

  • From the More tab in the resident app, tap into the Shared Key line item.

  • To create a new shared key tap the ‘Create new shared key’ button at the bottom of your screen.

  • Complete the new shared key details including key name, icon, start and end times, selected doors, and details.

    • *Note you will only see the doors that you have been granted access to by your property manager in the select door list.

  • Once your key has been created you will be taken to an overview screen to see your key details.

  • From here, you can edit key details (top left menu icon), share your key, or end your key now.

  • Tapping the ’Share key’ button copies your key to your clipboard. Now you can paste it in a text message to share with your guest/visitor.

  • Selecting ‘End key now’ will immediately revoke all access associated with your shared key.

  • From the Shared Key details screen, tap the back icon to return to your list of shared keys.

  • Two tabs will appear at the top. ‘My Keys’ and ‘Past Keys’. ‘My Keys’ contains a list of your active keys and upcoming keys. These are ordered by the access start date. Tap into the line item to view the details of each shared key and share.

  • The ‘Past Keys’ tab shows all shared keys that have ended in order of their access end date.

  • Seeing an ‘unable to share keys’ screen for this feature? Contact your property manager to review your permission settings.

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