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Smart tech guide for leasing agents
Smart tech guide for leasing agents

Explain “smart tech” like a pro

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Explain “smart tech” like a pro with this guide on how to talk about your community’s Homebase technology to residents and prospects.

About Homebase

Homebase is the smart home app that connects all the technology in your property and your apartment. They also have an awesome support team, so you can always live chat with someone right through the app.

Smart locks

At your property, your phone is your key. It’s all you need to navigate the community or manage your unit. Unlock your door right from your home screen or smart watch. Let friends in the front door right from your couch. If a staff member or maintenance person enters your apartment, you get a notification.

Homebase WiFi

WiFi is ready-to-use at move-in, meaning you don’t have to set up the installation or wait for service. You’re able to change your plan or pause service if you go on vacation right from your phone. Plus, they have a knowledgeable live chat support team available in the Homebase app.

Smart thermostats and lights

Control them right from your phone, so your apartment is cooled off or heated up, and the lights are turned on before you arrive back home.

Walmart InHome

Possibly the coolest and most popular amenity we have through Homebase is Walmart InHome. Order groceries online, and a trusted Walmart employee will deliver your food right into your fridge! The cool thing is, you can watch the whole delivery right from your phone since all drivers are equipped with body cams.

We know the drivers and see them daily. Added security is provided with the live stream body cam footage, available on your Homebase app, and one-time access credentials. These drivers also have to have worked for Walmart for more than 5 years to even qualify to apply for this exclusive program.

Other in-unit services

Homebase will soon be able to integrate with other in-unit services like Walmart InHome. This will allow you to easily grant access to services like dog walking and laundry delivery through the Homebase app.

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