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Frequently asked questions for staff

Homebase service basics

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How do I unlock my unit and community doors without keys?
The Homebase app on your smart phone is all you need to navigate the community. Unlock doors even faster with a home screen widget or smart watch.

What amenities does the Homebase app give me access to?
In addition to living key-free, Walmart InHome allows you to order groceries from your phone and receive your delivery directly to your unit’s refrigerator.

Why should I sign up for WiFi through Homebase?
Skip the pesky contracts. Homebase offers a reliable and secure internet network for every unit and community space with no obligations. Plus, unit WiFi is automatically activated on move-in day. No installation required!

How do I access and control my WiFi?
You can adjust your internet speed at any time through the Homebase app.
You can even pause the service when you’re not there to save extra money.

What are the perks of living in a Homebase smart apartment?
Control your unit thermostat and lights from anywhere with the Homebase app.
Set up modes such as night, home, or away to save money.

What are my payment options?
All your Homebase payments are made through the secure app with a bank account or credit/debit cards. You can easily set up autopay or get notifications for upcoming bills. Enter a custom amount to split payments between roommates.

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