How to End a Resident Stay
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Ending a Stay=End of Lease

In most circumstances, ending a resident stay is done when a resident moves out of your community. Ending a stay immediately revokes all mobile access from the applicable resident and moves their key fob back into circulation to be reassigned to another resident.

However, key fobs will maintain their access even if unassigned unless a staff member updates all locks that the resident had access to. Learn how to update a lock here.

How to End a Stay

  1. Make sure you are on the 'Stays' tab. This is the screen it will automatically load to when you log into the Community Manager.

  2. Search the unit number of the stay that you wish to end.

  3. Click into the stay.

  4. Under the 'Stay information' section of the stay you will see a 'Stay actions' button on the right hand side. Click this button.

  5. Click 'End and complete stay'

  6. The stay has now been ended and you will receive a 'Stay recap' email.

  7. Please make sure to update all applicable locks using your Homebase Manager App to remove old resident's key fob.

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