Homebase has partnered with Allegion and their Schlage Smart Lock line to offer an integrated access control system for your property.

The Schlage BE’s and FE’s are unit locks.

The Schlage NDE’s and CTE’s are community space and exterior door locks.

Schlage locks require a Bluetooth update to activate key fobs after a resident’s stay has gone live or a staff person’s fob assignment has been saved in the Community Manager.

There are 3 ways to complete this update

  1. Stand within 10 feet of the lock and Update Key Fob using the Mobile Manager.

  2. Allow residents to Update Key Fob in the Resident App. This allows a contact-free move-in experience.

  3. Use a Schlage MT20W Fob Scanner to sync a lock remotely using your computer.

Please note, anytime there is a fob assignment change in the Community Manager the lock must be updated using the Mobile Manager to update the access on the lock. If a fob is lost or a resident moves out and takes their fob it will still be active on the lock until it is unassigned in the Community Manager and the lock is updated with the Mobile Manager.

If you have any questions please reach out to our support team in Live Chat or at support@homebase.ai

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