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Homebase is excited to release a new and improved Community Manager.

Log in to the new Community Manager here:

You can also access the Community Manager on your phone.

From the Mobile Manager select the More tab and then Go to Web Manager. This will open the Community Manager in your phone's browser.

What's new:

  • New residents can be added in the middle of a stay

  • Improved fob assignment flow

  • Mark a fob as lost and found

  • It's mobile-friendly! Add stays, assign fobs, all from your phone or tablet.

  • Actions button for quick access to frequent tasks.

  • Turn on/off access to community doors for each resident or staff person.

  • Eagle Eye security camera integration.

To learn more see the following articles:

How to create a resident stay in Homebase

How to assign a key fob to a resident

Reach out with any questions.

We're here and happy to help!

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