You can use a fob scanner to activate fobs on unit locks after a stay has gone live.

Install and Set-up

  1. Make sure you received your scanner from the Homebase Implementation Team.

  2. Download the Engage desktop application here: for MAC or for PC

  3. Plug the scanner into your computer's USB port.

Activating Fobs

  1. Set up a stay, add the resident, and assign a fob.

  2. Confirm in the Community Manager that the stay is live.

  3. Make sure the scanner is plugged into your computer's USB port

  4. Open the Engage desktop application

  5. The fob scanner light will be blue

  6. Hold the fob up to the scanner until you hear 3 beeps and see 3 green lights flash

  7. After the 3 beeps and lights, the key fob has been activated for the doors specified in Homebase for that user.

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