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Leviton Light Switches & Dimmers Overview
Leviton Light Switches & Dimmers Overview

Everything you need to know about Homebase Smart Lighting Solutions.

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Homebase integrates Leviton Decora Wifi smart light switches and dimmers. On average a package of (1) dimmer and (4) light switches are allotted per unit.

Smart Light Switches require Homebase WiFi for connectivity and control and a neutral wire is required when completing a retrofit.

If a resident reports that the Leviton device is not operable via the Homebase App, please instruct the resident to contact Homebase support.

Homebase support will complete all remote troubleshooting and resetting the device connection if necessary. If onsite troubleshooting is required Homebase support will reach out to the Property's designated Smart Maintenance point of contact.

If onsite troubleshooting is required the Smart Maintenance Point of Contact will need to download the My Leviton App and coordinate with Homebase support for login credentials and step by step instruction.

Quick Troubleshooting Steps:

Flip the breaker to reset the switch and WiFi connection.

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