Homebase installs and manages a commercial grade Wifi network in your building. This network powers any in-unit smart devices and can also be configured to provide secure, private Wifi for each unit. 

If your property has opted to provide resident Wifi here's what you need to know. 

Homebase manages the network for you.
If the ISP's (Internet Service Provider) incoming service is interrupted or any network equipment malfunctions, Homebase will work with the ISP and equipment manufacturers to restore service as soon as possible. You never have to call the ISP or coordinate equipment repairs. 

Residents have instant access.
As soon as residents are invited to the Homebase app they have access to their network's password. The network is always on so they never have to wait for service. They do not have to pay for any equipment and they can change their plan in the Homebase Resident App at any time.

Residents pay for Wifi in the Homebase App.
Homebase collects Wifi payments through the app and the funds are deposited directly to your bank account. There's no need to track additional payments or calculate pro-rated fees. 

Residents contact Homebase for support.
All Wifi related support is handled by the Homebase Support Team who are available 7 days a week. Residents can contact Homebase support in their Homebase Resident App. If the ISP's service to the building is interrupted Homebase will notify residents via the app with alerts and updates while working with the ISP to restore service. 

Your staff and community networks can also be managed by Homebase.
Homebase can also configure private networks for staff use or secure, community networks so you can offer free Wifi throughout your community. 

We're here and happy to help!

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