Homebase installs a Wifi network in your building and configures private networks for each unit's smart devices (thermostats, lights, and appliances). 

The smart device must maintain connection with the configured device network in order to remain operable in the Homebase Resident App and Community Manager. 

If a resident performs a factory reset on the device it is possible for them to connect the device to their private wifi network and log into the device brand's associated app to control the device outside the Homebase platform. 

In the event that a resident removes the device from the Homebase configured network a staff member or Homebase technician must enter the unit to reconnect the device to the network and the Homebase applications. 

Staff can reconnect the device by contacting Homebase support for the technical details, passwords and troubleshooting steps to do so. 

If a Homebase technician is required to reconnect the device the current truck-roll rates will apply. These rates can be found in your service contract or addendum. 

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