Authorized staff can use their login credentials to utilize digital keys in the Mobile Manager App.

The Mobile Manager is available on iOS and Android.

Mobile Manager iOS App         Mobile Manager Android App

On the Access page of the App available locks are listed. 

Unit Locks

Unit locks assigned to the user will appear under Unit Locks. 

Select the Unit Lock and hit the blue Engage button. 

If the unit is occupied, the user will see a message that confirms the unit is occupied and that the resident will be notified of the entry. 

The Mobile Manager is also used to update lock information such as fob permissions, battery status, and firmware updates.

Building Access

If your property uses Brivo community locks will be listed under Building Access. 

Select Unlock and then open the door within 5 seconds. The door will automatically relock after the 5-second window. 

Let us know if you have any questions. 

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