Homebase installs Schlage Control Smart Locks on unit doors. 

Schlage BE 467

Schlage FE410 

The lock security features include:  

  • An ANSI Grade 2 as a high residential security lock.  

  • Battery powered independently of building power 

  • Can be jumped with a 9V battery if loss of battery power occurs

  • No-cylinder design making them 100% pick and bump proof


On Air Data Sheet


Upon leaving a unit, residents or staff must engage the lock with a fob or digital key and turn the deadbolt to lock the door. This makes it impossible to lock oneself out of a unit. 

To ensure residents do lock their door securely, Homebase provides training and on-boarding materials to staff and residents.

As an example each property has it's own website through Homebase at the address:

Software Considerations

Residents receive notifications via the Homebase Resident App anytime a staff-assigned fob or Mobile Manager digital key is used to access their unit lock. 

Access Logs

Management can view access logs via the Community Manager to see a history of staff assigned fob or Mobile Manager digital key access at the unit lock level. 

Resident activity at the unit lock is not visible by property management to protect resident privacy. 

Battery Notifications

In the Resident App and the Mobile Manager App a unit lock's battery status is updated anytime a user Engages (locks or unlocks) the lock. 

If the battery becomes Critically Low management will receive a push notification letting them know that the batteries need to be changed in the next 48 hours. 

To learn more about managing lock batteries see our FAQ: 

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