Once a staff member is added to Homebase they can download the Mobile Manager and use their login credentials to access Mobile Manager digital keys

Their available locks are listed on the Control tab of the Mobile Manager. 

Locks can be engaged by using the Lock or Unlock button for community doors and the Engage button for unit doors. 

Removing Digital Key Access

To immediately revoke a staff member's digital access visit the Community Manager and navigate to the People tab on the left-hand side of the screen. 

Search for the staff member you wish to remove and select them by clicking their name.

This will trigger the staff member's information to pull up. At the top of the screen under the staff member's name is an Information tab and an Access tab.

Click the Access tab and select the community the staff member is a part of. This will pull up a screen showing all units, spaces, and Brivo enabled doors that the staff member has access to. You will see an Enable selection on the right-hand side next to each unit or space. If Enable is blue then they have digital access and if it is gray they do not.

Please note, this will remove digital key access in the Mobile Manager and Community Manager only.

Any active fobs assigned to that staff member must be unassigned and each unit lock must be synced to remove that fob's permissions. 

Fob or Card Access

Within the employee's profile navigate to the Key Fobs section and enter the 4 or 5 digits associated with the fob or card serial number. If you are using a fob, this will be the last 4 or 5 digits of the long serial number. If you are using a card, this will be the 5 digits following the *. 

Select the number from the list by clicking on it in the dropdown. Use the blue, Done button in the lower right-hand corner to save. 

To remove an assigned fob

To remove the fob assignment from this staff person select the three dots on the far right-hand side of the screen within the specific key fob you wish to remove and select Unassign or Lost accordingly.

After un-assigning fobs each unit lock must have lock maintenance performed to remove that fob's permissions. 

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