Homebase Access provides a completely remote solution for controlling building and unit access at the turn. 

When a resident's lease ends their Resident App access will be automatically revoked and fobs will expire. 

Here's how it works: 

  1. Residents and Staff receive email notifications one week, and then again 24 hours, prior to lease end date letting them know the resident's access will expire. 

  2. Upon move-out, resident places fobs on the kitchen counter and sends property manager a picture of the fobs via Homebase Chat. 

  3. Resident leaves and locks the door with the Resident App. 

  4. Lease ends at 11:59 pm and resident loses Resident App access and fobs expire.

  5. New residents are added to the unit in the Community Manager, fobs are assigned and the fob expiration date is set. 

  6. New residents are invited to Homebase and instructed to use the Homebase App to enter the unit upon arrival. 

  7. New resident collects the active fobs from the counter. 

When a staff sync is required

Under certain circumstances a staff sync is required. In these situations a staff member must physically go to the lock and sync it with the Mobile Manager. 

  1. A resident's lease ends and they do not leave their fobs.

  2. A resident is evicted and they do not leave their fobs. 

When the lease ends or is deleted early, the Resident App will lose access but fobs will continue to work at the lock until the lock is synced by a staff member. In these situations it's important for a staff member to get to the lock quickly and sync it to remove fob access. 

Here's our FAQ on how to sync a lock with the Mobile Manager. 

Let us know if you have any questions. 

We're here and happy to help!

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