As soon as you invite a new resident to download Homebase they will have instant access to unlock their unit door using the Homebase Resident App.

 If your property uses Brivo they will also have instant access to unlock exterior and community doors. What if my community does not use Brivo? 

Inviting residents to Homebase

In the Community Manager create a new stay.

Select the date you'd like to Schedule the Homebase Resident App Invite. 

Note: As soon as the resident is invited to download the app they will have access to any locks associated with that building and unit. Do not invite the resident to download the Homebase Resident App until you are ready for them to occupy the unit. 

Select an unassigned fob or card from your stock of extra credentials.  

(Homebase will provide you with a stock of extra fobs or cards when Homebase is launched at your property.) 

Enter the 4 or 5 digits associated with the fob or card serial number. If you are using a fob, this will be the last 4 or 5 digits of the long serial number. If you are using a card, this will be the 5 digits following the *. 

Once you've entered the number you must select the number from the dropdown list by clicking on the number with your mouse or keypad and hit Save. 

Please Note: If you do not click on the fob number to select it from the dropdown list it will not save. 


Select Save in the upper right-hand corner of the entry field. You will see a success banner at the top of the window letting you know that the fob was added successfully. 

At the date and time scheduled the stay then the Homebase Resident App Invite the resident will receive an invitation to download the Homebase App. 

Once they are logged into the app they will have instant access to unlock the unit door with the Homebase App. 

If you are using no tour the fobs are ready to go. They will be active for the resident's unit door and all exterior/community doors. 

If you are not using no tour the unit door will need to be synced using the Homebase Mobile Manager in order to update the lock and activate that fob's access. 

Let us know if you have any questions.
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