Digital Key Access

Residents will receive an invitation when their property manager has granted them access to the property and their apartment. The invitation will contain a link to download the Homebase App and start using their digital key immediately. 

Residents will see their available locks on the front screen of the Homebase Resident App 

Selecting the blue Engage button will initiate a connection with the lock. 

For the unit door lock, the resident must be in Bluetooth range, (within 10 ft of the lock). If a user is not in range, or Bluetooth is not enabled, the app will let them know. 

If residents have any questions regarding the Homebase App digital key, Homebase Support is available 24/7 via the Chat with Support link on the More tab of the Homebase Resident App. 

Key Fob or Card Access

Staff assigns key fobs when they enter the new resident into Homebase and send the Homebase App invitation. Fobs can be given to the resident according to the existing move-in process or they can be left in the locked unit and residents can use the Homebase App to access the apartment for the first time. 

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