Updating with the Mobile Manager is required when: 

1. Assigning a new key card or fob 

2. Un-assigning a key card or fob 

3. Checking battery status


Assigning key fobs or cards is a two step process. 

1. First you must assign the fob or card number to the resident in the Community Manager. 

2. Then you must go to the lock and update it to update the new fob assignment. 

Until you update the key fob access the newly assigned fobs will not work for that lock. 

Open the Mobile Manager and navigate to the Access tab in the lower right. 

Select the lock you need to update fob access for from the list. If you are near multiple locks, they will show up in the list so it's important to select the correct lock. The lock will blink red when you are connected to it. 

Scroll down and select Update Key Fob Access 

A window will appear to let you know that the app is looking for the lock and then updating the lock. 

When the fob access has been updated you will see the message Success - Update complete. 

Be sure to test the fob you assigned to that lock to ensure it is set-up correctly for the resident. 

If the fob does not work: repeat the process to ensure that you select the correct lock when updating. If there are multiple locks in range it is possible to accidentally select and update the fobs to another lock in the area. 


In the Community Manager select the three blue dots at the top right of the Assigned Key Fob field. 

Select Remove Key Fob command that appears to un-assign this fob number from the resident. 

After un-assigning a key fob or card to a resident you must go to the lock and update using the Mobile Manager App.

This will update the lock with current assignment information. If you do not update the lock then the fob or card you unassigned in Homebase will still have access to that lock. 


You will also update to see an updated battery life status. You will see the status beneath the Engage button on the lock screen. 

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