To lock or unlock your door using the Homebase app select the Control icon at the bottom of your screen. This is the icon with power symbol inside of a house.

Select Doors from the available Control options displayed across the top of the screen and select your apartment's lock. 

Note: Your apartment's lock uses Bluetooth to communicate with your phone. Your phone must have Bluetooth on, and you must be within range of the lock in order to communicate with, and engage your lock. 

While standing near your apartment door (within 10-20 feet) select the blue Engage button next to your unit's lock. 

You will see the message "Looking for lock" at the bottom of your screen while your phone is connecting to the lock. 

Once your phone has found the lock you will see the message
"Connecting to lock" 

Then you will see the message "Lock Engaged - Ready to lock or unlock" 

When you see the "Lock Engaged" message turn the deadbolt to lock or unlock the door.  

Note: You still need to physically unlock or lock the door by turning the deadbolt. Your phone does not unlock the door. It engages with the lock and allows for the door to be physically locked or unlocked. 

Here's how the lock works. 

Once inside, you will need to turn the deadbolt to lock your door behind you. 

When you leave your apartment please remember that you must present your fob to the lock's reader or use your Homebase app to engage the lock and then physically turn the deadbolt to lock the door. 

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