To add contact information and resource links to the resident app log into the Community Manager.

Navigate to the More Tab and select Community Information from the dropdown list. 

Select Add New to add a new link next to Contact Link or Resources. 

Contact links allow you to enter text, phone or email links.
Resources allow you to enter a URL. 

Enter the Title, Description and links. For resources we recommend using a secure "https" link. Select Save. 

Once you've added resources they can be re-ordered by using the Edit Order button and the Up and Down buttons. 

This will determine the order of the links in the Resident App. 

Links that have been added to the Community Resources screen will display in the Resident App as seen here.  

In order to ensure the highest security standards for you and your residents Homebase recommends using only "https" links. If a link is added using "http" (not secure) instead of "https" (secure) Homebase will present a warning message. 

It is possible to bypass this warning and save the "http" link, however residents will be presented with the following message when accessing that link in the Resident App. 

To learn more about "https" security here's a helpful article from Google. 

Secure your site with HTTPS: Protect your site and your users

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