In order to provide free and secure financial transactions Homebase has partnered with Dwolla for ACH payments. 

In order to activate your Homebase account a bank account is required for receipt of resident payments. If you need to change this bank account at a later date you can do so by 

  1. Contacting Homebase HQ to request that your existing account be removed. 

  2. Add a new bank account through Dwolla's secure platform. We've made this as easy as possible. Just follow these steps in your Homebase Community Manager. 

First log into the Community Manager and use the down arrow in the upper right hand corner to reveal the drop down list. Select Portfolio.

Enter your Admin Account password when prompted. 

Select Settings

Scroll down to the Linked Bank Accounts Section and select Add to enter your new bank account information. 

You will be presented with two options for connecting your bank account. 

1. Search for your bank

Bank accounts with certain banks can be linked via Single Sign-On process. Select Search for your bank, find your bank and tap Login.

This will instantly verify your bank account and let you transact.

2. Add bank account manually

Bank accounts not supported for linking can be entered manually. 

IMPORTANT: When adding a bank account manually, you will need to verify your bank account. This is done through micro-deposits made to your bank account. We will send two deposits to your account, each less that $0.10. This process can take up to five days. 

Once the micro-deposits have been transferred to your account, you will receive an email from Homebase notifying you that your bank account is ready to verified.

The email will have this from address and subject line: 

From: Homebase <>
Subject: Homebase Microdeposit Complete!

When you receive this email, check your bank account for the microdeposits.

Look for two deposits to your account less than $0.10 each, they will be from HomBase, LLC. Make note of these values as you will need them to verify your bank account.

Log into the Community Manager, select Portfolio from the dropdown arrow in the upper right and go into Settings.  

Scroll down to Linked Bank Accounts and select Verify. 

In the Verify Bank Account window use the arrows to select the microdeposit amounts shown in your bank account and select Verify. 

Once the account displays as verified you can transfer any balance in your Dwolla account to your bank account. 

Go to the Dwolla Balance and Dwolla Transactions section of the Portfolio Settings page and select Transfer To Bank

Let us know if you have any questions.
We're here and happy to help!

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