The Mobile Manager is available on iOS and Android. 

Mobile Manager iOS App  Mobile Manager Android App

The Mobile Manager allows you to:

  1. Engage (lock and unlock) doors.

  2. Update Key Fob Access

  3. Perform lock maintenance (check battery status and see authorized users).

  4. Switch Between Buildings

  5. Live Chat with Support

How to Update Key Fob Access

Once a stay has gone live in the Homebase Community Manager the lock will need to be updated to accept the fob. Until the stay is live and the lock is updated the fob will not work on the lock.

Select the lock on the Access screen and select the Update Key Fob button.

How to Perform lock maintenance

Maintenance should perform lock maintenance regularly to check battery status. Users with Assigned Fobs for that lock can also be viewed from the Perform lock maintenance screen.

To perform lock maintenance select the lock on the Access screen and select the Perform Lock Maintenance.

How to Engage Locks

Select the lock and then click on the Blue Engage Button. This will engage the lock and allow you to turn the deadbolt. Until the lock is Engaged the deadbolt will spin freely.

To Switch Between Buildings (if you manage multiple buildings with Homebase)

Click on the Blue Building Pill and then select the new building from the list.

How to contact Support:

From the More Tab select Help with the Homebase App

From the More tab you can also:

  1. Go to the mobile-friendly Community Manager.

  2. Add or Update Community Settings

  3. View your account profile and change your password

  4. Update your notification settings

  5. See where your account is logged in

  6. Sign out

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