Once late fees have been automatically applied to a late unit balance, you can add late credit to adjust for unwanted late fees. For example, if the unit owes $200 extra in late fees, you may want to adjust the late fee due to $0 or some amount other than the accrued amount.

Navigate to the unit that you'd like to adjust the late fee. Click on "Payment Balance" and then click on "Adjust Late Fee" underneath the current balance.

After the Late Fee Adjustment window appears, you have the option to Pause Unit Late Fees for a temporary amount of time and add Late Fee Credit to adjust late fee amounts.

The current late fee, credit adjustment amount and total late fee due is also at the bottom of this window.

Click "Add New Late Credit" to add a late credit amount to adjust the late fee due. Be sure to give a reason and amount, then click "Save Credit".

After clicking "Save Credit", the late fee amounts due will but updated at the bottom of the window. 

Your changes will also be reflected in the unit payment balance, and all residents in the unit will be notified of this update.

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