One Time Credit or Charge

To add a credit or charge that will only be applied for the current month, navigate to the unit and select "Payment Balance" or "View Payment Balance" as shown below. 

Next, select "Manage Transactions" 

This will open the Transactions window. 

Select "Add One Time Charge" or "Add One Time Credit".  

For credits, input the "Credit Description" and "Amount". 

Select "Add Credit".

If adding multiple credits, select "Add One Time Credit" and repeat the process until all credits have been added. Select "Done" to exit the Transactions window. 

For charges enter "Fee Description" and "Fee Amount". Select "Apply this charge to the next payment period" if the charge should be paid with the next month's rent. 

Note: The charge name must be unique, and cannot be the same name as a monthly fee.

If the charge should be applied and paid before the next payment period, select "Apply this charge today". 

To impose a due date and late fees on a one time charge select the down arrow next to "Pause Late Fees" and select "Pause for specific number of days". 

Then enter the number of days the late fee should be paused in the "Days Late Fees Will Be Paused" field that appears.

After the specified number of days  late fees will begin accruing on the charge and the resident will be notified. 

To view the credits and charges scroll down in the Transactions history. Upcoming charges will display at the top of the list. Credit and charge adjustments will display by date. 

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