To add a new building or property to your portfolio, navigate to the Buildings heading of the Portfolio page and click on the New Building button.

Note: You must be a Super Admin to make any changes to a property portfolio.

Fill out all the required information about the building in the corresponding wizard.
Information about the building:

Select a Homebase plan to use for this specific building:

Setup your building configuration:

Set categories of maintenance which will be performed in this building:

Add more Admins for this building, if necessary:
Note: If no building specific Admins are added, the current user or any other Super Admins will be the only people with access to manage this building:

Details for your Homebase instance will be displayed. Hit Launch Building to continue.

Launch the building by hitting the Launch Building button one more time, to confirm charges.

To creating units within the building, see How do I add a new unit?

As always, if you have any additional questions or comments, chat us using the chat widget in the bottom right of the browser or email us at

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