Default payment method set-up is required before making a payment in Homebase. To set up your bank account or credit card see our guide: 

How do I set up a payment method?

Please note: If your property collects rent through another system, you will not be able to pay for rent through Homebase.


To make a payment for your Wifi Service or your rent, navigate to the More tab of the Homebase Resident App.

 Select Payments.

On the first of each month, the amount at the top of the Payment Balance screen will show the balance due. 

Note: Before the first of the month this amount will display $0.00. 

Upcoming Charges will show your balance for the next payment period. 

Scroll down to see the list of charges and credits included in your balance. 

Select the Make a Payment button.

View, confirm, and edit the Payment Amount

To edit the Payment Amount, tap on the payment amount value shown to bring up the keyboard. 

Use the keyboard to enter the payment amount. 

Select Done on the keyboard and then select the Continue button. 

Confirm the amount you'd like to pay, select I Agree, and the Submit Payment button to send your payment.

Let us know if you have any questions.
We're here and happy to help! 

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