To add a new resident to Homebase the resident must be added to a lease with-in a specified unit. 

It is recommended that you have all lease details on-hand before adding a resident.

Navigate to the Building and Unit they will live in. 

Select the Create a new lease button.

Enter the Lease Start Date and Lease End Date. Select the date you'd like to Schedule the Homebase Invite. 

Select the Next - Add Residents button. 

Enter the resident's phone number.

If there will be multiple residents living in that unit you can add them by entering their phone number. If not, select the Next - Upload Documents button. 

On the Documents screen select the Choose File button to upload the lease or relevant documents. 

Please note, residents will have access to view the documents uploaded here via the Homebase Resident App. 

On the Monthly Charges screen enter the Rent Amount Per Month and any Monthly Charges or Credits. 

Select the Next - First Payment button. 

On the First Payment screen specify how you would like to structure the resident's first payment. 

On the Late Fees screen specify the late fee structure and amount.

Review the lease details and select the Save & Create Lease button to save the resident and lease details. 

Let us know if you have any questions.
We're here and happy to help!

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