To add building-wide charges and credits first select the down arrow next to Building and then select Settings from the drop down menu that appears.

Select "Monthly Charges and Credits" and then "Add"

Enter the "Fee Name", "Monthly Cost" and "Description". Select "Save". For credits enter a negative amount in the "Monthly Cost" field. 

This charge or credit is now available in the "Existing Recurring Charges" dropdown in each unit. To apply this recurring charge or credit navigate to the unit, select "Payment Balance" and "Edit Recurring Charges". 

Select "Add Monthly Charge" or "Add Monthly Credit" and select the building-wide charge or credit from the list. Select the blue "Add Monthly Charge" or "Add Monthly Credit" button and select "Done". 

You'll see the recurring monthly charge or credit in the Transactions list.

All residents in that unit will be notified of the new monthly charge or credit. 

Let us know if you have any questions.
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