If you need to apply a credit to your residents invoice, you can do so by following this guide. We apply credits to invoices by adding negative line items to the invoice. 

One Time Credit

To add a credit that will only be applied for the current month, navigate to the unit that select the "Monthly Invoice" from the unit panel.

Next, press "Add Charge" button and a modal window will open. Input a name for the line item and the amount a negative amount for the credit that you would like to apply. 

Note: The charge name must be unique, and cannot be the same name as a monthly fee.

Press the "Add" button and the credit will be applied to the invoice. 

Adding Recurring Credits

If you would like to add a recurring credit to a unit, you can do so by creating a building fee with a negative number and then adding it to the residents invoice. 

Navigate to the "Building Settings" from the top menu and scroll down to "Monthly Fees". Press the "Add" button and add a Monthly Fee with a negative amount. 

Add a name, amount, and description for the recurring fee that you would like to add to your residents invoices and press "Add".

Navigate back to the invoice that you would like to apply the credit to, and select "Add Fee". Select the fee you would like to add and press "Add".

Your recurring credit will now be applied to the current and all future invoices for your residents. 

If you have any other questions, please feel free to reach to us!

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