Welcome to the future of property management and resident engagement with Homebase!

Our Implementation and Customer Success Teams are here to support your on-boarding experience. Below you will find the steps and resources you'll need to get up and running.

Building Details

We'll need to gather details via this Building Details form so that our team can create your Homebase account. Once your account is created and you're building is scheduled to go live you'll receive an email invite to Homebase. You will be prompted to create your own login credentials.

Enabling Rent Payments

You'll log into Homebase and set-up Dwolla and Stripe accounts so you can accept rent payments. We highly recommend that you gather the required details in advance to save time and ensure you have all the information on hand. This document outlines all of the information you will need for Dwolla and Stripe set-up:

Checklist for Dwolla and Stripe set-up.

If you have multiple buildings, each with their own bank account,
please let us know. Dwolla currently supports only two bank accounts.  

Add Residents and Leases
After setting up the payment accounts you can begin adding residents to the existing units. When you add a new resident an invitation to Homebase will be sent to them automatically. Here’s a guide on how to add residents:

 Add Residents and Send Homebase Invite

Resident On-boarding
Once residents have downloaded the Homebase App you can message them with information on how to set-up payments and how to submit maintenance tickets.

This guide explains how to send a message to residents:

 How to Message Residents

We recommend you send residents the following link to guide them through set-up. 

Homebase Resident App Set-Up


The platform is pretty intuitive so if you prefer to use our educational resources for navigating the Desktop Dashboard, Mobile Manager and Resident App you can access them on our help site:  http://help.homebase.ai/

To schedule an in-person or virtual training session contact RaeAnn Handshy at raeann@homebase.ai

We're always looking forward. So glad you are too.
Welcome to the future of living with Homebase! 

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