Homebase will manage the warrantied replacement of any Schlage Smart lock purchased through Homebase. To determine if a lock is malfunctioning due to a warranty covered failure follow the troubleshooting steps below and consult the warranty. 

  1. Consult Schlage's Troubleshooting Guide 
  2. Check if screws have been over tightened.  
  3. Ensure correct key fob is assigned and lock has been synced. 
  4. Attempt to jump drained batteries. 

If a lock is found to be defective replace the lock from your back stock and contact Homebase to arrange a replacement lock delivery. Replacement locks will arrive in 4 to 6 weeks.

Mobile Manager Troubleshooting
If the Homebase App fails to connect or authenticate for a successful sync or engage please review these initial troubleshooting steps. 

  • ensure that your Bluetooth is turned on
  • ensure that your Location settings are turned on
  • ensure that the Homebase app has permission to access your Bluetooth.
  • restart the app and try the sync or engage again

If these steps do not resolve the issue please contact support.

Fob Access
In the Mobile Manager check the Current Fob Access list in the Sync Fob Access section to see the fob numbers assigned to the unit. 

If a fob number is not listed then that fob does not have access to the lock and must be assigned in the Community Manager

See here for assigning Staff Access
See here for assigning Resident Access

Let us know if you have any questions. 

We're here and happy to help!

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