Instant Access

Homebase simplifies the unit turn process by instantly revoking digital access when a resident's lease ends and granting the new resident access on the lease start date. 

This means residents will automatically lose or gain: 

1. Digital Key and key fob access to exterior and community doors using Brivo. 

2. Digital key access to their specified unit door. 

To fully revoke key fob access to the unit door a staff person must visit the door and sync the lock to remove fob permissions. 

Until the lock is synced, the lock will still allow access with the old fob, even if the lease has ended or the fob has been revoked in the Community Manager. 

The lock syncing process is easily integrated into the turn check-list for maintenance. 

Syncing Fobs

To sync a lock open the Mobile Manager and navigate to the Access tab in the lower right. 

Select the lock you need to sync from the list. If you are near multiple locks, they will show up in the list so it's important to select the correct lock. The lock will blink red when you are connected to it. 

Scroll down and select Sync Fob Access 

A window will appear to let you know that the app is looking for the lock and then updating the lock. 

When the lock has been synced you will see the message Success - Update complete

After syncing test the fob you assigned to that lock. If the fob does not work repeat the process to ensure that you select the correct lock when syncing. 

If there are multiple locks in range it is possible to accidentally select and sync another lock in the area. When you are connected to a lock a red light will blink on the lock so you know you are connected. 

Let us know if you have any questions. 

We're here and happy to help!

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