Use the Community Manager to: 

Here's a quick tour of the Community Manager. The buildings in your portfolio are listed on the left. The highlighted building's dashboard is displayed when you log in.

When you open Homebase you see the Building Dashboard which provides a quick view of the Building Details. 

The Top Menu contains Menu Tabs for managing Maintenance Tickets, Tasks, Events and Building Settings. 

The Building List contains all of the buildings in your portfolio.
Building Notification Dots quickly identify buildings with new chats or maintenance tickets. 

Next to the Building List you will see the Unit List which lists all units in the highlighted building.

In each unit you will see Unit Chat Notifications and Unit Tags which quickly identify units with chats, late rent and maintenance tickets.

Once a unit is selected the Unit Menu provides options for managing payments, maintenance tickets, chats and more. 

The Details of Unit Menu display to the right and give more detail on resident and unit information. 

Note: Homebase's preferred browser is Chrome. If you are experiencing issues in another browser please try using Chrome as a first troubleshooting step

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