In the Community Manager navigate to the Building and Unit they will live in. 

Select the Create a new Stay button.

Select the Access Type and select the date you'd like to Schedule the Homebase Resident App Invite. This will invite the resident to download the app and give them instant access to unlock that unit's lock. 

If the date/time specified is in the past, the invite will go out immediately. 

Select the Next - Add Residents button. 

Enter the resident's email address and hit Search.
Note: You must hit the search button before hitting the Next button. 

Enter the Resident Information on the next screen. 

Assign the resident a key fob by entering the last 5 digits of the long serial number on the back excluding any leading zeros. (For example, if the digits are 00408 enter 408).

Wait a moment until the "Key Fob Available" tag appears below the text box and then select Save at the upper right hand corner of the text box. 

See here for more information on how to assign the resident a key fob or card. 

After entering all the resident's information select Save. 

If there will be multiple residents living in the unit you can add them by entering their email address.

If you are not saving lease documents or using Homebase to collect rent jump to Review Lease in the bottom left of the lease creation window. 

Then select Save and Create Lease

In order for the fobs to work at the lock, the lock must be synced. 

There are two ways to activate the fobs:  

  1. Leave fobs in the unit and instruct the resident to use the Homebase app on move-in day. When the resident engages the lock for the first time, the lock will be synced, updating the lock with the information saved in the Community Manager which activates the fobs for that lock. 
  2. Have a staff member meet the resident at the unit. The staff member will use the Mobile Manager to sync the lock.  They can then provide working fobs to the resident. 

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